Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Math Freebie!

This is my first attempt at sharing something besides pictures!  We are busy working on place value and I've seen some things similar to this but decided to make my own that fit what I wanted.  Also we have been doing this in our own journals but soon I hope to put this into a work station so they do it on their own. I used the copy machine to make 2 of these on one document.  Then they will glue in one half and complete it, then if they finish, glue in another and complete it.  At the work station there will be 2 spiral notebooks and each kid will work in a notebook.  I will post pics once we've tried it.

Here is my first try at a freebie!

Place Value Freebie

(I'm not sure how to insert an image with a document...but I'll keep practicing!)


Ali said...

I'm excited to check this out since I am working on place value also!

It says I don't have permission to view the document

Thanks for sharing!


Mrs. S. said...

Please send to me as well...I got the same message.

Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

The Yellow Rocking Chair

Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

OH NO!!!! Sorry, I'm new at this...I'll send it to you and see if I can figure out my mistake!! UGH!