Friday, March 25, 2011

Linky Party

I just came across this Linky Party Rowdy in the First Grade --Check it out!

10 Things I've Learned from being a Teacher

10.  No matter how much sleep you get, you are always tired at the end of the day. (and my feet are tired too)
9.  I can never stay caught up on putting files and papers away or correcting assignments. 
8.  Some kids have ruined the perfect name.
7.  Tattling makes me want to scream, especially when it's from the say kid.
6.  No matter how many pencils I sharpen in the morning, some kid usually can't find one even after he/she just used one. 
5.  I'm addicted to buying things for my classroom....especially books, bins/containers, and dollar store finds.
4.  No matter where a group of teachers are, we always divert our conversation back to school or kids.
3.  I always countdown my recess duties I have a week when the weather stinks. 
2.  A hungry kid can't learn. 
1. When kids are kind and compassionate to others, it fills my bucket and makes me love teaching even more.  

(Wow...once I got going, I thought of so many more but I'll keep it to just 10)

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