Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coyotes, Rabbits and Conferences

This week we are having parent teacher conferences and boy do I feel swamped.  I still get nervous talking to parents and never know what they are going to bring to the table--how will they react to the report card or is there something on an assignment they don't like...etc... My biggest fear this week is parents are going to question how I divided my class.  Here's the deal... last week I decided to try something with my kiddos.  I have about half of my kiddos who are hard quiet workers, who listen when I teach, always ready to learn.  Then I have the other half, loud talkers who aren't ready to learn and don't always get their work done.  I split them into 2 groups.  I let them know what I was doing and let them know they could always earn their way out of the group.  Then I let them come up with group names using an animal...well wouldn't you know it the quiet learners decided to be rabbits b/c rabbits are quiet and the loud boisterous group picked coyotes because that got the most votes and they liked the name.  Well it's like I have rabbits and a pack of wild coyotes in my class now.  And I haven't been able to move anyone!  The coyotes can't EVER be quiet!!  And the rabbits are always working hard and listening.  It just amazes me how it is.  SO I've been worried parents are going to be upset that their child is a coyote!  I'm not sure why it's worrying me so much BUT it does.  I really hope they understand my reasoning and that it's a opportunity for those "coyotes" to learn how others are affected and how they are affected--I just really wish a coyote would become a rabbit!

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