Monday, April 4, 2011

Grant That Should Have Been

I was so excited to apply for a grant only to find out that I did not get it!  It so bummed me out because I was totally envisioning my classroom with all my new things.  I applied for a grant for alternate/differentiated seating.  Ball chairs and cushions would help some kids wiggle while they learn.  I already have some ball chairs and T-stools (stools with one leg) but I was hoping to add to those so I could have every student on some kind of alternate seating.  I guess there's always next year but it's so far off that I just feel defeated.  :(

I don't have pictures of my T-stools but I will try to post those later.  These are the chairs I really wanted.(aren't they cool looking?)   If only the grant people knew how beneficial they really are for kids.


Lorena said...

Try I received some stability balls this year. They aren't as fancy as you have pictured, but they work too.

Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

Thanks Lorena--I actually found that website and signed up. Figured it's worth a try. I use balls in my classroom but my students roll around so much on them, they aren't using them correctly most of the time and so I thought I'd try these.