Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Few of MY Favorite Things...

I'm joining Katie of Persnickety Pickles with her Linky Party of 7 of my favorite things (non-school related)

1.  My dogs and cats--I love coming home to my animals and how good they make me feel when I've had a long or yucky day.  They are so loyal and such snugglers they can cheer me up instantly.
2.  Volleyball--I really enjoy playing volleyball and it's such a nice outlet for me too.
3.  Bunco!  Oh how I enjoy getting with the girls (and sometimes the guys) and playing Bunco!  It's a great evening out and you can win some money!
4. Chocolate/sweet treats--I have an addiction to snacking on sweet things usually.  I go through phases with what kind of sweet treats but usually chocolate is involved somehow.
5. Baking--I really like baking...I'm not a great cook but I can make some yummy desserts!
6.  My TV shows--I have a few addictions to certain tv shows.  I love CSI, SVU, Greys, How I met your mother, amazing race, hell's kitchen, the good wife...I think there's more but I think I've shown that I'm an addict.
7.  My niece and nephew--I get to be the fun aunt that they love to see and do stuff with.  
8.  Warm blankets in the winter--I love my electric blanket on cold winter nights. (too bad my puppy chewed the wires of my newest blanket) I also like my flannel sheets on cold nights.  
 (ok so I numbered wrong and was off a number so I ended with 8 favorite things :) 

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Katie said...

gotta love a good snuggle from a pet! :)

thanks for joining in!!