Monday, April 11, 2011

Homework Linky Party

Join Laura from First Grade FUNdamentals with her Homework Linky Party

I work in a Title one school and I was told when I first got there DON'T expect kids to do homework or return things.  I soon found out that if you expect students to do it, they can and WILL do their homework.  SO I went against my partner teachers and began my own homework.  
Here's what I do: 

  •  Mon and Wed. I send home a math review worksheet.  Usually it's something they can do on their own and with minimal help.  It is due the next day, if they forget it, they do it that morning at recess (since it's usually very simple practice, it takes majority of the kids less than 5 mins so they don't miss recess really)
  • Monday-Thurs. They have reading homework (see my STAR Reading Homework )  They are to read 15 mins a night.  Some of my top readers have some writing to go along with their chapter books.
  • Spelling--Each week we have a spelling list which I'm not totally crazy about but it's what our school does.  I've made some of my own tweeks to it but for the most part, they are to study their words each night.  I also have the word lists on Spelling City  where my students can get on and practice their words.  I also sent home (at the beginning of the year) a list of activities for studying spelling words.  
I guess I don't want to have TOO much homework as it's a lot to correct and I tried that once when I was in another state/school--the PARENTS were wanting more homework for their 1st graders and they had math and spelling every night and had to write spelling words somehow.  I really don't incorporate our reading series into homework.  I use our reading series as a supplement in the classroom more than "this is what you must teach".  (and I'm not thrilled with parts of our series)  

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