Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of Year Gifts

Ok ok...I know it's past the end of year for almost all of is (if not all of us) and I am just now getting around to a few things.  I am all moved out of my classroom with all my things in the hallway, just waiting to get into my new classroom.  I think it will be an all summer project really as I struggle with organization (ok more than struggle, it's a huge weakness for me)  However, I wanted to post about my end of the year gifts I made for my kiddos.  Usually on their report card in the comments I do an acrostic name poem for each child.  I usually start making my poems during the 4th quarter, a few at a time and usually it's been pretty easy.  Well this year our report cards changed and we had no room for long comments.  We pretty much had four lines!!!!  So I changed my idea....I made my kiddos bookmarks with their name poem on them!!!!

I used card stock paper for the main part and then used scrapbooking paper for the pretty paper.  I found the poem "I'm glad I was your teacher" for the back and then on the front their name poems.  I also added a picture of us!  My partner teacher's husband was super kind to laminate them b/c he has the sturdy laminate! YEA!  I really enjoyed these and thought they turned out super cute!  Also for part of their end of year gift, I found little metal buckets (Target dollar section) and filled those with bubbles, a star straw, and some goodies.  I did the buckets b/c we were supposed to be bucket fillers this year and to remind them to fill buckets not dump them.  Anyways, I think my kiddos enjoyed their gifts!  I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the buckets. :(

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