Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer spent moving!

So I've been busy moving my classroom this summer and I am finally feeling like it's coming together...My school is a little over 100 years old.  There is a basement, first floor and the upstairs-which is unbearable in the heat!  Who am I kidding, our whole school is unbearable in the heat (except the basement!) Well with the addition of a 3rd grade and a new 2nd grade teacher coming, I volunteered to to move to this basement classroom (which was formally the music room--she's now on carts on all 3 levels!!)  I just felt bad for a new teacher coming in and being separated from everyone else...I'm in the basement with Title 1 teachers, and the library and the bathrooms!!  (Our bathrooms are ONLY in the basement)  Anyways, here are my before pictures of my room and the hallway with ALL my stuff!
From the doorway to the front of the room

                          I have a sink in my room!!! It's one of the few rooms that has a sink!!! BONUS! This the back of the room looking in from the door.

This is from the window side looking towards the doorway and right side of the room.

Here is the back for the room looking from the front of room.  As you can probably see we have NO storage in our rooms.  There is 1 closet to the back right and then 2 cubby like closets in the back!  That is where the coats hooks SHOULD go BUT my coat hooks were newly installed in the hallway and they look nice!  

Here is a view of the hallway with all my stuff!

More stuff!!  I love stuff!

Here is a view from across the way of my stuff--My classroom is straight ahead!

I filled the hallway but it's now empty of my stuff (well except for the empty boxes!).  It feels good to have it all out of the hall.  However now it's all in my room!!  I've got an update just around the corner of how it looks now!  I'm glad we have about a month left to get it all together!!

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