Sunday, July 31, 2011

Snack Time Linky Party!

Mrs. Bainbridge  is hosting a linky party about snack time!  Head on over to her website and see how she does snack and others!  What kid doesn't love snack time? (ok maybe the kid who is really picky!)  Snack time seems to be a focus for some of my kiddos!

Here's how I've done snack in the past--On our supply list we ask that each student bring in 3 boxes of snack at the beginning of the year.  Of course there are some kids who don't but it's not that many.  We are a Title 1 school but most kids bring the supplies.  I even bring a big costco bag of pretzels or something like it.  Then I usually just pick from there for snack and hand it out to kiddos.  We usually do it around our recess time, either before or after (depending on our schedule).  One thing our school was lucky to have the past 2 years was a healthy snack provided for the kids.  So 4 days a week we would have different fruits or vegetables.  This was great for most kids (not the picky ones!).  There were some times that they sent some unusual fruits and vegetables (like chopped up cabbage?)  It just didn't even look fulfilling!  SO usually we'd have healthy snack, unless it was strange and I know most kids won't eat it, then we'd have something from our stash!  Also during snack I have let the kids talk and enjoy themselves BUT I also have read to them (it was suggested I do this by my principal)  so I would go back and forth between reading a story and letting them chit chat!

SO for this year I have been thinking I want to revamp my snack time a little.  One way is to have students pass out the snack so I don't have to. Actually they do pass out the healthy snack but when it's crackers, I use a cup to  and make sure my hands are clean...some kids aren't very good about keeping their hands clean while passing out food--(something we work on!)  So I've been thinking of using the smaller dixie cups and maybe letting them scoop out a snack for themselves or have my helper do it.  Also I'm not sure if we have healthy snack this coming year.  I'm still working out my thoughts on this.  I'll probably still do some read alouds but also give them some chat time.  I'm also thinking of possibly having snack available most of the morning so if a kid needs something to eat they can grab it.  We have quite a few kids are free/reduced  and even some of those kids are late to school and miss out on breakfast.  I'm sure they'll all want snack in the beginning but really, after the novelty, those who need it, will use it. So it's another idea I'm toying with.

 OH and around Feb. we begin doing our geometry unit and I have kids sign up to bring in a snack that is a certain shape/solid figure....I make a list of the possibilities and then they get to choose. So I'll have cheese cubes, mini marshmallows, juice boxes, square crackers, circle crackers, triangle chips, grapes, get the idea...this actually really helps make sure I don't run out of snack.  I then use these snacks to reinforce flat surfaces, vertices and edges as well as solid figures vs. plane figures.  They love the snacks and it's fun to do cheese and crackers or something salty with something sweet.

I think that pretty much sums up my snack time.  I really do like that they bring in boxes at the beginning of the year.  This way I don't have to worry too much about running out.  And if I do run out, I just send home a note saying we need some.  Usually a few parents will help out if they can.

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Christina Bainbridge said...

Thanks for joining my linky party. I like the idea of having kids bring in the geometric shapes for snacks... I may borrow that idea for this year!

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