Friday, July 22, 2011

My "new" classroom...well almost

Well I am making progress on my new classroom.  It sure is tricky finding places for everything, especially when I love stuff and just went garage saling today and found more stuff!  I'm addicted to a good deal but I'm trying to get better :)  So I have about  month left to finish my room which I hope to have it looking good next week! One of my co-workers even commented "it looks like a classroom down here"

Somewhere over there, my desk awaits me!  It's still kind of buried as I'm waiting for some shelves to be put in.

The front of the room and my rug area--Still have lots of little things and few boxes to put away!

My big bookcase against the wall and my student computers are over there somewhere too!

Another shot of the font with my piled high kidney table 

My Bucket Fillers!!!  Well the beginning of them...I'm a sporadic unpacker!  Oh and my lovely sink that I'm so excited about!
Notice there were no pictures of the hallway--yep ALL my stuff is in the classroom and the hallway is cleared! Just means my classroom is more cluttered for now :)

Next week I should have more of my stuff hidden  put away!  It's exciting that it's coming altogether and I do feel proud of my progress!
I just still need to get student desks and well, I hope those fit! And if those do fit I hope 20 little 2nd graders fit :)


Mrs. S. said...

OMGosh! I LOVE your buckets for bucket fillers!! I attempted that last year, but got bogged down. I have a 24-shoe organizer that the previous teacher left behind in my classroom. I am soooooo going to use it for bucketfillers! THANK YOU! God bless you!!


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Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

I'm so glad you liked it even though it's still surrounded by clutter :) I actually have a sign and some bucket filling ideas I post around it after we read the books. I'll post better picks soon! I also attempted bucket fillers last year and got bogged down, so new goal is to do better!! Good luck!