Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Attempting Organization and New Classroom photos!

So there's about 2 weeks left until we go back and I'm still working on organizing my room.  I have been really trying to organize my things and start off on a good note...but I'm sure I'll have some lapses with staying organized!  But little by little I'm working on it.  I even had one of my teaching partners say "Wow, look at you all organized!"  ha ha...I have her fooled :) ok maybe not fooled, but I do have some areas that still need work.  I have been really trying to get my math stuff organized and easily accessible.  We are beginning to incorporate Common Core Standards and so far from what I've heard through the grapevine, our math series doesn't really support it!  So looks like it will be an interesting year in math!  Plus we have all these math workbooks!  I find out more tomorrow when I have the training information class tomorrow!  We'll see how it goes!  So here are some pictures of my classroom! I do like how it's coming along although I'm still waiting for shelves and student desks!

Here's my Mountain Math....I really like using this as part of my math journals.  We do bits and pieces of it. I introduce one or two at a time and do those for a week or so, depending on how well they are getting it.  

These are my "markers" for math games.  I was lucky to grab these from a teacher who was getting rid of stuff.  So I put 2 colors different colors,  2 dice and 2 big paperclips in each container.  (I used to use baggies-LOVE these containers so much better)  

See aren't these containers so cute!  And hopefully last all year!  (We'll see about that)--With these containers, I will put one in each math game station--that way there is always dice and markers at each station.  

More colors! 

These are my math work station bins--I wrote a grant for books and book boxes and I think they sent me too many book boxes because I have TONS left over and I don't remember ordering so many!  Anyways, somehow when I did them last year, I didn't realize my colors and how I have 2 yellows together...(kind of bothers me but I think I'll live)--The book boxes are numbered 1-9 (I do 10 stations, but the 10th is computers)

A close up with my cubes ready to go!

This is my math work station chart.  I have only 2 kids go to a station at time and I try to have them close  or on the same level.  So for example, all the green stars would be similar level, and all purple would be OR sometimes it's yellow and orange who are the same level.  So this way I can call them by star colors for groups--When I move the numbers, I move one column up and the other down...this way they will always go to 2 different stations.  (however somedays they may only get one station if they get called for group)--((by the way, my cat jumped up on my lap for some loving, and hit some key the moved the picture over and I have NO idea what he did!))

Another way to organize some of math materials....another teacher in my building is using travel soap containers!! How cool is that??  I ran right to Wal-mart and bought them-Now the kids won't lose or break the rubber bands!  I was super excited about these!

Here are my math games and materials that are sorted by "subject--I really like how they came together.

A close up...I can't remember where I found these math labels--If anyone recognizes them, please let me know.  I printed them off over a year ago and I think they were used for that teacher's math stations.  I simply am using them to label my drawers.  

The white drawers are filled with more manipulatives and a few other math things.  I haven't figured out how label them since I'm not 100% sure if I like the white drawers.  

So that pretty much sums up my math stuff and my work stations.  I have more pictures of my room to share however, upon reading some other blogs, I was clued in on the 1 post a day rule.  SO I'll save some posts for tomorrow and the next day.  

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Judith said...

I think the soap container idea for decks of cards is just the best! Funny how the simplest of ideas really save us time during the day ... if it wasn't the middle of the night I'd be racing to the shops to grab some containers... another job on the list for tomorrow...J