Sunday, August 21, 2011

Procrastinating again....

Well it's the last night before I officially go back and instead of working on my parent letter, I'm making t-shirts and blogging....hmmmm, can we say "procrastinator"???  Hi, my name is Stacee and I'm a procrastinator!  ha ha....anyways, Cindy at Mrs. Gilchrist's Class  made these really cute t shirt transfers and I thought they would make an awesome gift for my teaching partners.  She even made a 100th day of school one!  Michael's has their t shirts on sale this week so I quickly drove down there and bought some shirts for us gals.  Well, I guess I should also explain that when it comes to projects for me, I seem to be like a monkey (like Curious George)  He really tries hard to do something right b/c in his mind it seems right, however he always makes a mess of it and learns from his mistakes....well this project was one of those....see for yourself....

SEE??  I'm such a monkey!  :)  So I guess I'll be heading back to Michael's for another white t-shirt..Tomorrow will be even longer!!!

And I didn't make that mistake again!  I'm super excited to give these to my partner teachers!!  Of course I think I'll wear my upside down one as a joke tomorrow :)  

Head on over to Cindy's Website and make your own T-shirts...really if this monkey can do it, so can anyone :)

Now off to maybe work on my parent letter OR just get ready for bed...hard decision!  Enjoy your week at school or where ever you may be :)

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Ms. Preppy said...

Too cute! And too funny...sounds like something I would do!! :)

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