Thursday, August 11, 2011


That's just how I feel about my room today!  I went in today to get more  things done  and I ended up having to do some manual labor!  Ok was to benefit my room BUT our custodian is kind of on the lazy side of things.  He does what he wants when he wants how he wants....It's kind of frustrating when you are waiting for something to get done.  I could vent about about some of the past BUT I'll just vent about today!  Actually he's conveniently on vacation this week and well many teachers have been coming in to start setting up their furniture.  Keep in mind I moved to a room without any chairs or desks.  SO some teachers are purging their unneeded desks/chairs.  I've been scoping them out!  Well, I asked the custodian who is filling in for ours about starting to move them downstairs.  Well turns out he told her that we must send any desks/chairs to our warehouse so they can inventory them and then they'll send them back!  IT'S SO BOGUS!! We've never sent stuff to warehouse when we just shift it within our building--we ship stuff to the warehouse when we want it out of our building! ( I personally think the custodian didn't want to move them)  So then I had to talk to my principal who thought it was bogus too!  And he said grab any desks you can b/c we are short and some other classes are going to need desks too and there are none at the warehouse to give!  AAAHHHHH!!!  I immediately starting hauling desks to the basement!  By the way...there's no AC in my very old school so it was HOT! So I have 16 desks  and 12 chairs (which of course I'm sure I'll need closer to 20 by the time school starts but I didn't want to be greedy when there are some teachers who are still short)  I'm sure we'll be shifting some more desks/chairs around.  Anyways, that is how I spent my time in my room.  I also took a small table from another teacher getting rid of it and transferred my computers to that instead of the desks they were on.  So I'll be heading into my room again tomorrow to work on the things I wanted to  today.   Yes I'm grateful I have desks, I just wish I didn't have to haul them ALL by myself down flights of stairs!  SO......UGH!  That's how I'm feeling!

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