Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More classroom photos!

Well I didn't get much time in my room today.  I had a Common Core Math Standards introduction--Our district is not really prepared for this transition so it's a work in progress but we will be incorporating the new standards!  So today I got some things laminated and am trying a new thing for my Mountain Math board that a brand new teacher at our school inspired!  I also got caught up talking a I didn't get as much as I wanted to done...(isn't that how it goes when everyone starts coming back??)  Anyways, here are some more pics of my room!

My word wall--I'm not in love with it but I really don't have a big/long bulletin board in this room.  It's also right behind my guided reading table so I'm not sure how that will work.  Guess we'll see...

More word wall...

the other half of it....

My computers!  My kids rotate through the computers daily.  We have a reading intervention computer program and so they get about 20 mins doing reading, grammar and phonics activities.  So each computer has a colored star...when a students turn is over, the next student's name comes up and they will give that student a matching colored craft stick, to signal to that student it's their turn on THAT computer.  It usually works pretty slick.  I also use one computer for XtraMath and so they'll be rotating with that one too.  During Math work stations, they will go onto Sheppard software website (well for now, we'll see how long it lasts)

Side pic for the computers--I'm not excited that the kids will be so close together but I'm hoping it will overall be ok....IF not I may need to make some changes.

Pinterest inspired project!! So another teacher from my school and I are huge blog stalkers and pinterest fans--So we both made these!  I made one first and then showed it to another teacher who liked them and we decided to make some for our friend who just got hired in our district!! After we made her hers...we then tackled our own!  I now have to figure out what I'll store in each one!

Close up!

Another close up!

So there's some more pictures--I've been working on some other Pinterest inspired projects but they aren't quite complete.  More like my ADHD kicks in and then I get sidetracked and it's almost complete except I'm missing something still, so then it's a run to a store and etc...SO I'm really hoping to post more soon!  

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