Monday, August 15, 2011

Classroom Update and picture overload!

Well I got some things done on Friday and more today!  Although today I spent some time talking to other teachers and about our schedule-so not too much done in the room.  Now that our printshop is in we have boxes of papers to sort and count out--we get to send in some worksheets and such to be printed over the summer, things we may need all year or phonics readers and the like!  I did get some little things done and hooked up my Elmo...Tomorrow will be more productive (at least that is what I keep telling myself)
Here are the updated photos!

My homeworkopoly board!  I'm so pleased how it turned out!  I was able to find a board where I could "edit" some of it. 

I used teacher names for the streets which I thought the kids would get a kick out of--I also didn't want to do brain builders so I made those into places around our school...and since I like to play dodgeball with my kids during PE, I added that one! 

These are my chance and community lunchbox cards.  I really tried to have the chance be a good thing or maybe a not so good thing.  The community ones were more for the classroom, a good thing or maybe not, like everyone misses 5 mins of recess OR whole class gets extra recess.  

These are going to be the homeworkopoly markers. I have them hanging on a rope until they get to start the board.  

A close up....I dyed clothespins and then added a car clip art to each clip.  The green cars will be boys, the blue cars for girls.  I'll put their numbers on them once I have a better idea of my list--(I'm down to 14 kids right now--EEEKKK!) I'm sure I'll be around 16-17 by the time school starts!

Extreme close up! 

My Super Student board!  My plan is that every time a student goes around the homeworkopoly board, the student will get a star sticker, and then after they go around 5 times, I'll hang their clothespin up on Super Students board and start a new clip!  I also think I'm going to use it with the clip chart when they receive 10 jewels.  

This was inspired from Michelle at Fabulous in First --It's not a cute as hers as I do not have tons of fun fonts (yet), but now that I have sink, I can have a fun sign!

My helper board...I love Tigger so I have always done Tiggerific Helpers--I only have 5 jobs really--Messenger, Line Leader, Door Holder, Caboose, and Helper.  My messenger usually took lunch count down to office, but it looks like that we might do it via internet this year, so I may have to re-think that one.  Each student has a Tigger with their name on it and I just velcro it to the board.  I rotate every week and that seems to work for me. 

Thank you Amy at Step Into Second Grade for sharing her balloons for these birthday treats!  I saw this on Pinterest too but Amy was kind to share her balloons!  Thank you Amy!!  I taped my balloons to pencils b/c I had some birthday pencils.  I usually give my kiddos a free homework coupon and I'm thinking I'll do that again this year but maybe next year try something different!

There's my clip chart, 100s chart and noise level chart thanks to Katie at Little Kinder Warriors for sharing those noise level pictures.  So cute!!

Clip chart close up!

Close up!

Here are the desks I hauled all by my little ol' self down the stairs!  All 16 of them!  So that's a view from the front corner of the room towards the door.

A view from the back of the room to the front!

My mess!  These things are mostly my teacher books/manuals waiting for shelves!  SO I hope this week they come as well, school starts next week and I can't have this mess!  

The place where my shelves are supposed to go! Can only hope they'll be in soon!  

Sorry so many pictures--I keep hoping to get this room put together soon, but I keep finding new things on blogs and Pinterest and I want to add more things!  Ha ha..guess that's a sign of my addictions!  Kiddos will be arriving soon so I better get finished! 

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Very cut room! I love the pictures!

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