Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Kids love to have a buddy class. The past few years the teacher I buddy with likes to wait until Jan. to start buddies.  However, we always run into state testing and preparing for the tests and we barely see our buddies.  SO this year I suggested starting earlier and she agreed!! My kiddos were so excited about having buddies--we decided to pair our kids up with a particular buddy so they could get to know each other well.  Our first meeting they asked each other questions and did a venn diagram together.  Our next visit we made monster glyphs!  It was very VERY interesting how even the 4th graders struggled with the directions--some used the tracer as their body and some glued the body to a tracer and some didn't even use the tracer!!!  It shocked me!  But I guess maybe my directions needed to WAY MORE CLEARER!  I think the girls did a great job!  There were some real creative girl monsters!  Now I didn't get pictures of their final monsters (they were excited to take them home that day) but I did get some pics of them working with their buddies.  Here are my monster glyphs I made to show as examples.

Monster glyph directions can be found here!  
They really were adorable--I'm excited to see what the 4th grade teacher comes up for our next visit!  

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