Wednesday, October 26, 2011

YEA! My Class Pet Grant Came!!!!!

I've been super anxious if I would get my pet grant or not.  Pet Smart is having their reptile sale this month and it was making super excited!  So last Sunday (10-16) I stopped off at Pet Smart (just to look, really)  and they had these
Leopard Geckos!!!!  I thought they were cool looking and loved watching them move around.  Instead of heading off to my other errands, I investigated what I would need for a the leopard gecko! I got some good information and was really contemplating it--If I didn't have to meet my teaching partners to decorate the boss' office for boss' day I would have snatched one up then and there....

A few hours later...

I go back and buy the gecko!  I'm such a sucker!  Well needless to say I was now really hoping my grant was going to come.  I got my gecko home and set up and am learning to fee it crickets and meal worms and researching some more on the internet.  

Then came MONDAY--
In the mail I found my Pet Grant had come!!! YEAH!!!!! What great timing!!!  So I was SUPER excited about my gecko purchase.  Now how to introduce it....hmmm.....

 My principal had already approved of a pet but I decided to have my kiddos write him persuasion letters to persuade him that we needed a class pet.  We actually discussed different class pet ideas; a bunny, fish, gecko (hehe) and hamster.  After some thought of taking care of a bunny and the "big' cage it would need and a fish who is kind of boring (well one kid thought so :).  We decided we would try to convince our principal on either a hamster or a gecko.  We read the book:  

And discussed his reasons for why he should get his Iguana.  Then we watched this Microsoft            Dog commercial  (wish I knew how to put a video in)
After we watched this video we talked about this little boys reasons for wanting a dog.  Then we brainstormed some ideas for our animal choices.  They began writing their reasons on why we should get a class pet and which pet they think we should have.  They are SUPER excited to give these letters to our principal.  He even told them it's going to take some good writing and persuading.  I also have told them that if he can't read it because it's sloppy he will skip it!  :)  I'm hoping we finish them by friday so he has the weekend to read them and approve our pet gecko!  

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Erika said...

Awesome real-life writing experience! Enjoy your new pet. Shared the photo of your cat face spider with my class since we are studying spiders too. They loved it!

2B Honey Bunch